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Interested in being a Sponsor or Vendor?

We will be celebrating Fultondale in a whole new way and need would love to have you as a 2022 Sponsor! Choose one of the available options or we will create a custom one for you. 

We are looking forward to welcoming past Founder's Day Vendors to our 2022 CityFEST. This year we will be at a new location, directly on Hwy 31. 

Register online and mail in your payment to secure your spot!

Register online and mail in your payment to secure your spot!

Print & Complete your registration and mail it!




Set-Up is from 6am-9:30am on August 13, 2022. If you are bringing a trailer, it must be

in place by 8am to secure your location. If this is not enough time, please notify us as􀀃
soon as possible.

􀁸 Event will begin August 13, 2022 at 10am and will end 7pm. We will be running entertainment until 9pm 

􀁸 No early breakdown is allowed; vendors must commit to the entire event.

􀁸 All exhibitors are responsible for their own personal property and liability. Police􀀃
Officers will be on site of the festival from 6am until 9pm on Saturday.

􀁸 All vehicles MUST be out of the set-up area by 9:30am and parked in designated vendor􀀃
parking. All vendors and helpers must park in vendor parking. No parking in general􀀃
parking lot will be allowed.

􀁸 If you pay for power connection, you must provide a power cord. (At least 100ft/10ga)
􀁸 Vendor spaces are reserved on first paid, first served basis. (Adjustments may be made􀀃
to accommodate locations of electrical outlets) Each vendor must provide his or her􀀃
own table, chairs, tent, and signage.

􀁸 All booths are 10x10, you may purchase a larger booth for an extra $40.00
􀁸 Booth Spaces will be assigned by the 􀀒􀅝􀆚􀇇􀀦􀀜􀁞􀁤 Committee and our staff will direct􀀃you to
your assigned spot at check-in on August 13th.

􀁸 This is a rain or shine event therefore there are no refunds.

􀁸 Please ensure you provide an email address for receipt and approval from the 􀀒􀅝􀆚􀇇􀀦􀀜􀁞􀁤

􀁸 If a vendor falsifies any information or sells anything other than what is stated on the􀀃
application, they will be asked to leave.

􀁸 I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Fultondale, Fultondale􀀃
Chamber of Commerce, its official representatives, agents, employees, volunteers from􀀃
and against all litigation in whole or in part arising out of or connected in any way with􀀃
activities for Fultondale 􀀒􀅝􀆚􀇇􀀦􀀜􀁞􀁤 events.

􀁸 I understand there are risks of exposure and spread associated with COVID-19 in any􀀃
group, location, or event. I agree to wave all liability for exposure to COVID-19 and􀀃
voluntarily assume all risks associated with participating in Fultondale 􀀒􀅝􀆚􀇇􀀦􀀜􀁞􀁤.

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